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SWEAT is at the cutting edge
of sex worker advocacy,
human rights defence and
mobilisation in Africa.

SWEAT’s 20 year history has established visibility of the struggle for a legal and safe adult sex work industry where sex work is acknowledged as work, and where sex workers have a strong voice, which informs and influences wider social debates.

SWEAT has campaigned for the inclusion of sex workers as respected and valued members of society. Sex workers strongly inform our work – as integrated members of staff, on our Board and as service users.

SWEAT’s core objective is to provide sex workers with health and rights services while advocating for sex work to be decriminalised in South Africa. We do this through our programme areas: Sex Worker Empowerment and Enabling Environment (SWEEEP), Advocacy and law Reform as well as Sisonke movement building.

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HELPLINE: 0800 60 60 60