Our vision:

A South Africa where sex work is decriminalized and sex workers are legally empowered to exercise their rights to challenge stigma, discrimination, violence and persecution.


We aim to empower sex workers by:

Provision of holistic legal services, including individual legal advice, representation, and support and group impact litigation that challenges the criminal laws and advances the rights of sex workers. Further we aim to empower sex workers by creating an enabling legal environment within which sex workers will be able to access fair and non-judgmental legal services.


Our Services:

Peer- Based Paralegals

Access to trained paralegals who reach sex workers where they work and live on outreach. Paralegals are trained to provide basic legal advice, collect data of human rights violations and conduct referrals where necessary. 

Legal Advice

We provide legal advice and assistance to sex workers who wish to exercise their rights and challenge human rights violations that they have experienced.

Legal Representation and Court Support

Our attorney and candidate attorney is available to represent sex workers in court. Our paralegals provide court support to sex workers where they appear in court either as a complainant or defendant.

Strategic Impact Litigation

We work in collaboration with a range of partners to conduct group litigation on behalf of sex workers to challenge the human rights violations that they experience, develop and increase the legal jurisprudence on sex work, and to challenge the criminalization of sex work.


We work in collaboration with a range of different partners to whom we refer cases of psychosocial support, health cases, etc.

Education and Training

We conduct legal education and rights based training with sex workers and partners to increase their knowledge regarding rights and legal remedies.

24/H Legal Helpline – 0763112543

Our paralegals manage a 24hr legal helpline to assist sex workers with legal advice.