OPEN DEMOCRACY: Sex work activism in South Africa: a struggle for visibility

9 March 2016 Organising sex workers to protest injustice, create safe spaces, and support one another is a difficult job. One South African organisation shares its stories of success. We, the authors of this piece, both work for an organisation that has defended the rights of sex workers and ensured their access to health services for the past 20 years. Dudu has been a sex worker, a peer educator and organiser, while Sally-Jean’s experience has been as a worker in the South African non-profit women’s sector. We represent very different South African experiences. Dudu is a black woman and grew up in poverty close to Durban. Sally-Jean is a privileged white South African woman who grew up in a town close to Johannesburg. We were both born in the 1970s and grew up during apartheid. We now live in contemporary South Africa, a country still characterised by racism and inequality. It’s important for us to state this first, as this context is central to our approaches to sex work as work, and to trafficking. Read full article: … Continue reading →