CITYPRESS: ‘Nokuphila liked pink and white flowers’

7 March 2016 Eva Kumalo placed pink and white roses on the pavement of Ravenscraig Road in Cape Town, right under the security camera where her daughter, Nokuphila Kumalo, was kicked to death three years ago. “My child liked pink and white flowers,” she said. It was Nokuphila’s birthday, February 11, and she would have turned 26. In the Western Cape High Court, the man accused of murdering Nokuphila, internationally acclaimed South African artist Zwelethu Mthethwa, was back in the dock, staring at his lap while his defence lawyer, William Booth, argued against the state. Eva, speaking to City Press from Limnos Bakers, where she makes milk tarts and cheesecakes topped with strawberries and grapes, said it was okay that she couldn’t go to the court case; she’d given up on the case anyway. Read full article: … Continue reading →

NSWP: Murder of Nokuphila Moudy Kumalo in Court with Sisonke Support

10 February 2016 NSWP member SWEAT and Sisonke in Cape Town, South Africa are monitoring the court case of Zwelethu Mthethwa. He is accused of murdering Nokuphila Moudy Kumalo, a 23-year-old sex worker who was found dead on Ravenscraig Road, Woodstock, Cape Town on the 14 of April, 2013. According to News 24, the accused was captured on CCTV getting out of his car, approaching a woman – possibly a sex worker – and hitting her repeatedly. When she fell to the ground he started to kick her and she died from the assault. The CCTV coverage was only recently admitted as evidence in the case. Sex work is illegal in South Africa. The laws regulating sex work are Apartheid laws from 1957, which criminalise sex workers and third parties. In 2007, the law was amended to include the criminalisation of clients. “Under criminalisation, violence against sex workers can be perpetrated with impunity,” said Ishtar Lakhani, from SWEAT. “The South African context is not unique. Wherever sex work is criminalised, violence can occur with impunity. When states do not decriminalise sex work, they are complicit in the violence against sex workers,” Lakhani continued. In Cape Town alone, 39 sex workers have died in the past year because they were murdered or had inadequate access to medical services. “These are just the deaths we are aware of,” said Lakhani, “due to criminalisation, these deaths are underreported.” Read full article: … Continue reading →

GROUNDUP: New delay in sex worker murder trial

3 February 2016 Nearly three years ago Nokuphila Kumalo, a sex worker, was beaten to death in Woodstock. The trial of artist Zwelethu Mthethwa, accused of the murder, beset with postponements from its start in 2013, was delayed again today for the second time this week… Throughout the trial, activists from the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT), sometimes two or three, sometimes many more, have been a constant presence outside the court. Lesego Tlhwale, spokesperson for SWEAT, said reduced numbers of activists outside the court recently did not mean the organisation was losing hope. SWEAT would come out in force on key dates, she said. Glynnis Benthan, a lobby officer at SWEAT who was outside the court this morning, said that last year she was there through rain and storms. “We want justice. This girl is a “no name” but we are here to say she is somebody,” said Benthan. Read full article: … Continue reading →