ZOUTNET: Local sex worker helps improve colleagues’ lives

05 February 2016 She comes in quietly and sits down properly. She is very soft-spoken. She is a sex worker. Up until two years ago, Todani (not her real name) was just a sex worker until she got drawn in by the Munna Ndi Nnyi? (MNN) organisation in Louis Trichardt. MNN means “Who is the real man?” in Tshivenda. They have their head office in Thohoyandou and a satellite office here in town. Their goal is to help and assist local sex workers with health, legal and human-rights issues that they encounter in their daily work place. The aforementioned woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, is now one of Munna Ndi Nnya’s peer educators who manages education and talk programmes to fellow sex workers. “I now know my rights, not only as a sex worker, but also as a human being and citizen of this country,” Todani explains. She, like the many other women she supports, prefers to be called a sex worker, rather than the derogatory term prostitute or magosha. This is in line with the Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce’s (SWEAT) human rights approach that they follow. All SWEAT’s outreach activities centre around health and human rights, and the recognition that sex work is work and should be legalized. Read full article: http://www.zoutnet.co.za/articles/news/35328/2016-02-05/local-sex-worker-helps-improve-colleaguesa-lives … Continue reading →