THE TIMES: Law nails HIV sex worker scheme

14 March 2016 SEX workers, long ignored by the government and harassed by police, will finally get access to HIV treatment and prevention — but decriminalisation has not been dealt with by government and this could hobble the initiative. Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa released a detailed plan on Friday to ensure sex workers achieve better healthcare. About 70% of sex workers in Johannesburg are HIV-positive. Ramaphosa said sex workers will now receive antiretrovirals as soon as they test positive. Unlike other South Africans they will not have to wait until their CD4 count — the measure of immunity — drops to 500 to qualify… The Law Reform Commission — which investigated whether the law that makes prostitution illegal has to be changed — held hearings on decriminalisation in 2001 and accepted written submissions in 2012. “The process, taking 15 years, has been too long,” said Sally Shackelton, director of Sweat. Read full article: … Continue reading →