GROUNDUP: Health Department to release sex work plan on Friday

8 March 2016 But it is unlikely to include provision to decriminalise the trade. The Department of Health is expected to launch an HIV plan aimed at sex workers on Friday. Titled, The South African National Sex Worker HIV Plan, 2016 – 2019, it will be described by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaeldi. It will address sex worker rights and safety. The Department of Health says there are many programmes which assist sex workers in South Africa. Spokesperson Joe Maila says government programmes largely focus on health issues and mobile reach. Maila told GroundUp that the new plan provides for more health services for sex workers and includes the building of new facilities. He said the Department of Health used a “prevalence survey” to gather more information on the challenges sex workers face… In a joint press statement, Sonke Gender Justice, Sex Worker Education & Advocacy Taskforce, Women’s Legal Centre and Sisonke National Sex Worker Movement said the release of the South African Law Reform Commission report on ‘Adult Prostitution’ (Project 107) has been delayed for more than 15 years. Read full article: … Continue reading →