We aim to empower sex workers by:

Encouraging them to explore, and voice, their own actualities, experiences,
and protests using a human rights approach. We do this through direct
engagement in workshops, public events and through
a national toll free help line.


We build strong relationships with sex workers:

These relationships allows us to have direct access to information
about sex workers experiences, needs and
wants and keeps our work grounded
and appropriate.

Our Services


Peer Educators

Access to trained sex worker peer educators who reach sex workers
where they work and live on outreach. Peer educators are trained to
offer basic human rights, health advice and can conduct basic screening
on violence, drug and alcohol addiction as well as
general psychosocial wellness.


Mobile Health Clinics

We provide condoms and lubricant and
promote safer sex practices.


Sex Work Friendly Services

We refer sex workers to clinic settings where we have established relationships. Where sex workers need help, a trained
Peer Educator will accompany the sex worker to the service.


Legal advice

We partner with legal services like the Women’s Legal Centre
that offer more in-depth legal counselling.



Psycho-social support including counselling through our
24-hour toll free Help Line which also operates
a please-call-me service cost-free to the client.


Training and education

Training and education on health, human rights and self-empowerment
for sex workers which makes use of participatory methods
and is embedded is a safe and non-judgmental space.


Support Groups

Support Groups for sex workers arranged around relevant themes.
Parental support – support for sex workers who are parents
to enable more skilled parenting and to assist sex workers
who have young children. Training for service providers to ensure that
sex workers who seek help receive stigma free services with good levels
of knowledge on the challenges they face.


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