Given the criminalised status of sex work in South Africa, sex workers are incredibly vulnerable to violence, discrimination and lack of access to basic services. As such, we at SWEAT try as much as possible to provide support and assistance to sex workers in need e.g. Sex workers who live on the streets, sex worker mothers and their children etc…

Here is a list of supplies that are most needed by sex workers:

  • Second-hand clothing for men;

  • Second-hand clothing for woman;

  • Second-hand clothing for children e.g. infants, toddlers, & school age;

  • Blankets;

  • Non-perishable food parcels;

  • Tea, coffee and milk;

  • Baby formula;

  • Baby food;

  • Disposable nappies;

  • Toiletries e.g. toothpaste, brush, soap, lotion, bath cloth etc.;

  • Sanitary towels & tampons;

  • Hands sanitizers & wipes;

  • Second-hand books;

  • Children school supplies;

  • Netting supplies e.g. wool, crochets & needles;

  • Flashlights and batteries;

  • Second-hand cell phones.

Please deliver supplies to the SWEAT head office at No: 19 Anson Street, Observatory, Cape Town. A thank you note will be sent to everyone who has made a donation to SWEAT. Please note that items donated to SWEAT will be given to sex workers in need.