July 21/22 Global Event for Black Sex Workers: Who’s Allowed to Make Money?

The Black Sex Worker Collective (BSWC) will be hosting with a global event across the continents in support of Black sex workers. All tickets are available here: thebswc.eventbrite.com

SWEAT is proud to be a sponsor of this event in defense of Black sex workers and led by Black sex workers. We would like you to join us in having online viewing parties for one or more of the events. The events range from films, poetry readings, dance parties, panel discussions, training sessions and more. Each event, except for the opening party, has a ticket price of $22. The opening party is by donation and is accessible to everyone.

We encourage you to share more about the global event as you get ready. Post pictures! send messages of support on twitter to @theblackswc and on IG at the BSWC. Use the hashtags #WATMM #laborrights #sexiswork #SexWorkerLivesMatter #Globalimpact2020 #BlackSexWorkers

 Feel like you would like to do more for this event? Become a co-conspirator to donate, support, take action and sign on. https://forms.gle/9b4QnbFnwH5o8rHbA