Title: Full-time Peer Educator

Working hours: Full-time

Job Description: Peer Educator


The role of the peer educator is to act as a bridge between the programme and the sex worker community. The main role of the peer educator is to mobilise and recruit sex workers to access services that provide for their health, human rights and psychosocial needs. Peer educators are also responsible for providing sex workers with basic information about their health and human rights.

Key Performance Areas

  1. Case Management

Peer educators are responsible for collectively reaching and reporting on the number of sex workers reached in relation to set a collective target.

  1. Outreach

On outreach, peer educators have the following main responsibilities:

  • Build relationships with sex workers through a responsive outreach service that attends to the individual needs of sex workers.
  • Distribution of materials to sex workers: safer sex materials as an entry point & IEC Materials.
  • Utilising opportunities to discuss sexual and general health with regards to STI’s, HIV and AIDS, TB, including testing, treatment, adherence and care needs when needed.
  • Listening to sex workers and attending to health, social, justice, and psychological needs or queries. This would include referrals where appropriate or follow-up outreach contacts with the sex worker regarding addressing needs or queries.
  • Providing sex workers with information about SWEAT services and mobilise sex workers to make use of such services, including safe spaces, creative space, and groups.
  • Also, provide sex workers with information about the Sisonke sex workers movement and recruit sex workers to join.
  • Asking and documenting if the sex worker has experienced any human rights violation.
  • Provide the sex worker with support and human rights advice.
  • Refer the sex worker to the organisation, to a peer human rights defender, to a partner legal support organisation, or to SWEAT Helpline.
  1. Creative Space
  • Assist the Provincial Coordinator with planning Creative Space workshops, including identifying themes and topics.
  • Recruit sex workers to attend Creative Space workshops.
  • Assist in planning and organising the logistics of Creative Space workshops, including venues, catering.
  • Access control.
  • Co-facilitate Creative Space workshops, as needed.
  • Ensure that registers are fully and accurately completed.
  • Managing remittance slips and handing out transport money.
  1. Networking and creating Enabling Environments
  • Peer Educators will be expected to, in partnership with the relevant Provincial Coordinator, engage in networking with other service providers towards developing more mutually enabling environments where sex workers can more easily access and benefit from health, justice, and psycho-social services.
  • There will also be opportunities for joining and integrating sex worker issues within other joint campaigns or events with other civil society organisations as well as with Sisonke and Advocacy at SWEAT. This work will be done in a planned approach coordinated by the respective Provincial Coordinator and Area Manager.
  1. Administration
  • Complete and maintain all forms and reports as required.
  • Report cases for follow up to Provincial Coordinator for referral.
  • Report trends, challenges, themes etc. to Provincial Coordinator.
  • Attend meetings (briefing, debriefing, team, staff meetings etc.) on a regular basis.
  • Actively participate in learning and development opportunities.
  • Purchasing of office supplies.
  • Filling & maintaining an organised office space.
  • Faxing, scanning, phoning and photocopying.
  • Assisting with organising travel arrangements including flights, accommodation

6. Supervision

Supervision of the Peer educator will be done by the Provincial Coordinator


The Peer Educator must be a sex worker. She must have excellent links with her community. In addition, she/he must be able to maintain relationships with key role players.

  • Experience as a peer educator or Similar position
  • Member of Sisonke
  • Experience in public speaking
  • Ability to use a computer the Internet and email
  • Knowledge of sex work

N.B: Peer Educators are expected to work after normal work hours given the nature of the work and will, therefore, have flexible working hours based on this.

Please send the CVs and motivational letter to lloydr@sweat.org.za or drop it at Sisonke office at 19 Anson Street, Observatory, Cape Town and address it to Lloyd Rugara. Closing date 2 March 2018 at 5 pm.




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