Institutions, including faith-based organisations; sex worker co-operatives or groups; representatives of organisations, or institutions and companies that work with people who sell sex and have implemented strategies for economic alternatives and/or transitioning out of sex work are invited to attend the one-day seminar on Strategies for Transitioning out of Sex Work.

When: 8 November 2016

Venue: Cape Town (TBA)

Time: TBA


SWEAT is supported by BMZ and in partnership with the ILO and SANAC is undertaking an exploration of South African projects that assist sex workers to implement alternative economic activities or who choose to transition out of sex work through economic empowerment programmes including business training and mentorship, access to markets as well as access to business loans.

The project aims to strengthen strategies and provide evidence to support work in this area by engaging with what works in current programmes, engaging sex workers themselves in focus groups and through examinations of projects in South Africa as well as other countries which have reported on their strategies and outcomes. In particular the project will contribute to the Sex Work National Strategic Plan (2016 – 2019) which includes a package of care related to economic empowerment.

Those interested in attending are invited to save the date, and send an email to to express their interest in attending. An open invitation will also be added to


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